Which is more important, the time spent sitting or the quality of sitting?

Posture and body activity are the most important things during sitting.

In the traditional sitting, where the back is round, fatigue, decreased productivity, discomfort, and costs begin to pile up.

The general claim that the next position is the best position makes no sense at all. It’s like claiming that when walking or standing, it’s good to alternate between bowing forward or backward in an unbalanced way. If, on the other hand, sitting is conscious, upright, and dynamic, and has appropriate periods of movement and standing, and the work outfit is completely uncompressed and airy, there will be almost no disadvantages.

Such sitting requires a two-part swinging saddle where the seat is convex under the inner thigh lymph nodes. The middle gap helps the pelvis and thus the whole spine into an upright position and eliminates sweating and sitting pressure on the coccyx, pelvic floor, genitals and inner pelvic organs. The swing mechanism activates the tissues and muscles of the lower back, increasing the super-important fluid circulation there.

Advanced sitting work also includes an adjustable table with stomach recess, elbow pads, ans good quality monitors (preferably 3) placed at just the right distance and almost at eye level.

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