Better sleep with a good intestinal flora?

Sleep time and sleep length are both crucial. People who go to sleep earlier are, on average, thinner and have better mental health due to a better intestinal flora.

The natural day begins when it gets dark, then you go to bed quite early. Electric light and electricity-induced entertainment easily destroy this if there is a lack of planning and self-discipline and parents are not rigid enough regarding their children’s sleeping times.

Our northern location adds to the difficulty of going to bed and rising as the sun rises and sets. However,we did manage that quite well for about 100 years in the “electric age” before television, addictive online and other online entertainment services and nightclubs.

We eat 13 g fiber per day, which is far too little for the well-being of the gut and therefore also for human well-being, including sleep. Mankind ate 100-300 g of fiber during the Stone Age. In my opinion, the very minimum is 50 g or 50 g / 1000 kcal, which will require major changes in the diet.

The most effective “fiber food” I have found is to dissolve seeds with omega 3 (shia, flax) in water overnight and add berries, fruits, turmeric (= gut “medicine”), avocado, olive and coconut fat in the morning and grind it in a blender for a good tasting super nutritious smoothie. I take a glass in the morning and afternoon.

Many things nowadays destroy intestinal microbes such as antibiotics, but also about 25% of medicines, and reportedly many additives in food. As food processing increases, the number of intestinal microbes decreases, and so does their spectrum.

You can make your intestinal lifestyle and thus your health better yourself, and avoid being diverted by ads to bad lifestyles, being overweight and getting sick more often.

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