Can memory diseases be avoided

The amount of memory disorders (= “third diabetes”) are on the rise. Now, the resulting deaths are more than seven times higher in the over-70 age group than in the 1970s. It is therefore a disease caused by environmental and lifestyle factors.

Dr. Daniel Amen, who has eight memory clinics in the U.S., has developed a Bright Minds Prevention Program (each letter represents a keyword with risk factors behind it. For example, B stands for Blood Flow) that can sometimes heal even a mildly sick person. He has also developed a new kind of technique to scan the brain to find out where most of the disturbances are located.

We know a number of clear Alzheimer’s risk factors that; and if avoided, we have a good chance of avoiding the disease. Conversely, we can make a significant contribution to our brain health and help our brain to stay “young” through our own lifestyles.

Now we have about 250,000 diagnosed and maybe even the same number of undiagnosed memory patients and each has a carer of a kind. With the current trend, this number could double in as little as 20 years, leading to gigantic resource and public health problems. Prevention is urgently needed.

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