Children’s poor posture is a serious issue but easily avoidable


Children’s posture is weakening rapidly already before they start school because of excessive sitting in bad position.

Nowadays, we can unfortunately see young schoolchildren with bad posture, i.e. their back ligaments have stretched. Too little exercise and poorly designed ergonomics make matters worse.

Posture is important for health, productivity and self-esteem.

Poor posture will result in a variety of permanent harmful back disorders, cerebrovascular and pulmonary functions will weaken and intestinal function will slow down. Continuous pressure on the pelvic floor will cause problems on the genital area and the pelvic area organs later in life.

The productivity of a person with a bad posture is clearly lower than that of a person with good posture.

This problem can be prevented by awareness and with a little effort.

The size of furniture and its adjustments should be optimal for growing children. This is achieved only with the help of chairs and desks that can be adjusted quickly.

Children should sit on two-part swinging saddle chairs; that is the healthiest way to sit. The downward position of thighs automatically corrects the posture. The middle gap prevents undesirable pressure and helps the pelvis into the upright position. If schools set an example when it comes to good furniture homes would follow suit. Sitting in good posture is also much easier and more comfortable and reduces the restlessness of the children.

Children should have this kind of furniture at home from very early age, and absolutely in school.

Children should also be provided with decent desktops and guided to use them instead of using mobile phones.

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