Energy and cure from herbal tea

Herbal teas are made from a huge number of plants whose various bioactive substances and their effect on the body are generally known. The active ingredients of herbal plants can be enjoyed e.g. as a tincture (alcoholic solution), powder and extract such as tea.

Tea can be the most effectively targeted treatment extract if one has knowledge of what effect is sought after and in which plants there are ingredients that give the effect. A lot of research has been done on thousands of active ingredients in herbs and medicinal plants, so a skilled herbalist will have an actual “pharmacy” at their disposal.

This area of ​​knowledge is phytotherapy, or plant healing. A large number of pharmaceutical medicines are also based on active ingredients found in plants, some of which are still made from wild plants, some of which are chemically produced.

Consumption of herbs as an extract called tea is a thousand-year-old species of knowledge, nutrition and medicine that has accumulated a wealth of experience and, more recently, research knowledge that is not wise to downplay.

Doctors and herbalists of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in China are very advanced in utilizing various herbal teas. There is a huge tea house in Shanghai with three million different qualities on offer.

Usually, phytotherapists experimenting with different herbal blends will continue to be excited to add to and experiment with their knowledge, so interesting and rewarding it will be.

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