Gingivitis is dangerous but easy to prevent


Gingivitis, i.e. periodontal disease, is a major risk factor for 50 diseases, including heart attacks and strokes, the probability of which it triples.

The phenomenon is about inflammation and bacterial changes, which also occur in the intestine, but much more than in the mouth. Research will soon prove thi

It is logical and certain that the bacteria of the mouth interacts with the microbia of the intestine, in other words they can make each other worse.

The main cause is the constant availability and eating of food, particularly of sugary (including fast purified carbohydrates) junk food. Teeth and gums would stay fine without brushing if sugar and refined carbohydrates were not in the food at all and we only ate 3-4 times a day.

Since this can hardly ever be done, we need to rinse the mouth after eating, clean the teeth twice a day, and floss once a day. This makes it easy to keep the gums in shape.

Infections are mainly found, in addition to the mouth and intestine, in excessive fat tissue, genitalia and arthritis of the large joints. The aggravated synergistic effect of these in most of the people is one of the factors causing the catastrophe that will ruin public health and national economy.

An effective way to prevent this would be an effective national disease prevention program.

For individuals, the solutions include healthy exercise habits, daily dental care, a high-fiber sugar-free diet with plenty of healthy (hard) fat, and a swinging saddle chair used with an adjustable desk for good ergonomics that keeps joints fit, the quality of life good, and people healthy.

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