How do I remove waste from the brain?

We can enhance brain health care and brain functions through good lifestyles. It would be safer, more economical and apparently more effective to use natural methods to treat the brain instead of uncertain drugs that often have side-effects.

In old age, exercising three times a day (morning, day and evening) activates the whole body’s fluid circulation, also in the brain. Taking care of your blood quality, that is, keeping it running smoothly, is another important thing.

The brain could also be positively affected by magnetic fields and acupuncture manipulation, as long as one knows how to do it right. There is also a device on the market that produces an electromagnetic signal, the long-term use of which is likely to increase fluid flows.

The blood and lymph vessels leading to the head through the neck should always be open during sleep. A conventional pillow also presses on the neck and interferes with fluid flows through it. The pillow should therefore only support the head, i.e. the skull.

Poor posture and constant staring downwards, i.e. hanging the head, tightens several large neck muscles and thus constricts all fluid flow through the neck. For this reason, upright sitting would be paramount because of the huge number of hours spent sitting. The height-adjustable table, with a stomach recess and elbow pads, helps maintain good posture and relaxation in the shoulder area.

The swinging high-quality saddle chair is again superior as a seat, as the swinging activates movement throughout the back and the middle gap allows the pelvis to tilt comfortably to a good standing posture without genital and pelvic floor pressures.

Also lymphatic massage that activates the lymph nodes and vessels also in the neck, is apparently also helpful.

Enhancing brain waste removal is thus possible and very beneficial, but more importantly for brain health is to prevent brain-degrading high blood sugar caused by junk food.

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