Alzheimer’s can be called the type three diabetes. Continuous high blood sugar causes at least pre-diabetes but is sure to destroy the brain as it destroys the capillaries throughout the body. It makes sense to eat very little grain carbohydrates and sugar.

It is very advantageous for the brain health to eat all meals during a period of less than 8 hours, eg brunch at 10 and dinner at 18.

More than half of adults have gingivitis in their mouths, the bacteria of which also easily cause dementia. This accounts for tens of percents of our dementia.

Poor sleep is a major risk factor. Already during your working life you should invest in good sleeping habits: peaceful afternoons without screens, 2-5 g melatonin and 400 mg tryptophan in the evening, glasses that block blue light, reading in the evening, fresh bedroom through the night with air conditioning on or window open, no alcohol in the evenings, not late sauna or gym.

B12 1 mg as a supplement as well as B9 i.e. folic acid. In England the national recommendation is 800 mcg (300 in Finland, 250 obtained) and it is added into flour. As a result, England is the only country where memory diseases are on the decline.

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