How to cure aching shoulders?

I’ve been looking for self-rehabilitation aid for my aching shoulders for years, with the help of the best professionals. One doctor recommended surgery. Another one said don’t, the risks are too big.

Only helpful thing was to start using a two-part, swinging saddle chair.  On it I got in the right position and the shoulders in their right place.

Another significant help has come from rubber band exercise, which was finally recommended to me by an orthopedist.

Now I make sets of 30 repetitions in 7 directions with high quality rubber band that has handles. I do it in the evening, to keep the good metabolism going on in the joints at night. Sometimes if the shoulders go dead at night, I exercise for five minutes and then continue sleeping.

The third effective thing is to use flippers in my hands, stand in shallow water and make powerful movements under water in sets of 10, in 5 directions (3 sets). This will keep also your muscles in shape.

It has been difficult and slow to find good advice on shoulder deterioration and pains. These exercises help me to go on one day at a time without any pain, and to be active in many kinds of sports. I’ve constantly heard instructions on eating anti-inflammatory drugs, which only are addictive, do not cure anything, but destroy the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and, of course, cost a lot.

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