How to cure fodmap stomach

First of all, it must be understood that the intestine of a person suffering from intestinal problems is already severely damaged. Either the epidermis (intestinal wall) has broken structures or the microbiome (bacterial) is poor, or both.

Also fodmap symptoms abate even on the old diet, providing that the intestinal structure and mikrobiome are fixed and the sitting position becomes upright by using two-part swinging saddle chair that accelerates the intestinal flow.

The basic mistakes in our common morbid diet are that we eat far too much grain and sugar, added gluten, chemical additives, and far too little fiber (about 13g, 100g in the Stone Age).

Of course, one must have oneself tested fot all allergenic substances and strictly avoid them, at least in the beginning. Later, after recovering, the stomach may tolerate them well.

The healthiest diet is to eat a seed-berry smoothie (2 x 3 dl) twice a day. Seeds that are soaked overnight are finely ground in a blender with berries and sugar-free plums, and possibly with one banana or pear (even healthier).

At the same time, strict avoidance of wheat, gluten and sugar speeds up healing.

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