How to get enough fibers?


Without a fair amount of fibers one won’t stay healthy for long.

The fibers that the Finns eat are too one-sided. There are about ten different kinds of fibers. They are food to a variety of bacteria that have a lot of important tasks. Bacteria maintain the immune system, and help the separate nutrients and to grow healthy mucous on the intestinal wall. The mucous prevents the intestinal wall structures from being destroyed.

The low levels of fiber are linked to the health of the entire epidermis (intestinal membrane), where 0.2-0.5 billion nerve cells are controlling functions. When they go septic in bad conditions there is a great risk of developing a memory disease later. Inadequate intestinal health is also associated with various intestinal inflammatory diseases, overweight, thyroid disorders, depression, etc. Silent inflammation most often occurs in the intestine, causing e.g. heart diseases. The current habit of eating a lot of carbohydrates weakens intestinal health.

We should get more fiber than 25-35 g per day, as is suggested in the nutritional recommendations. We need to take care of getting enough the fiber. The easiest way to do that is to eat vegetables (fruits, berries, vegetables) about a kilo a day, to eat seeds and nuts, and to add, if needed, low-cost fiber supplements.

You obviously get enough fibers if you need to defecate twice a day and your stool is soft and large and has been in the bowel for less than 24 hours. Also sitting on a two-part swinging saddle chair speeds up the fucnctioning of the bowel.

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