How to get good posture and what are its benefits

The overwhelmingly most effective measure is to get a two-part, swinging and really high-quality saddle chair and to use it with an adjustable table with soft elbow pads.

Also, adjust the monitors so high that your head doesn’t hang at all (which would make your neck muscles tense and stop circulation into the head), things are lookin pretty good.

Good posture isn’t good only for the back, the it benefits also deep breathing, intestinal fluid flow, brain oxygen and nutrient intake, and micro circulation of the entire body, which is the foundation of overall health and well-being.

A proper gap in the middle of the seat improves circulation in the pelvic floor, inside the pelvis and in the genitals, significantly affecting their health.

To help with fluid circulation (blood and lymph), completely uncompressing clothing is a smart choice, which is further enhanced by periodic standing on a standing board, walking and doing some exercise during the day.

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