How to get rid of lower back pain?

Every day, about 800,000 Finns have lower back pain that are at the main reasons for costly incapacity for work. The main culprit is the prolonged sitting in poor posture in the unnatural 90/90 position.

Back problems and other common musculo-sekeletal problems problems could be easily prevented. The solution is the Finnish innovation of sitting on a two-part, swinging, and anatomically shaped saddle chair at the right height in front of an adjustable desk. This way, one almost automatically sits correctly. The middle gap of the chair is important for posture and for many important reasons.

Ergonomics are significantly complemented by completely uncompressed clothing, a recess in the table or a curved padded armrest, as well as monitor height and distance that prevent one from hanging one’s head.

In addition, it is also very advantageous to stand in small sections of up to 30% of the working time and frequently move because of fluid circulation and joint movement.

Such furniture is not much more expensive than traditional ones. They should be availalbe for children from primary school, as well as for the elderly, who have an even greater problem of maintaining the good posture that is so important for good health.

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