How to prevent back problems in the autumn

It is dark and cold now, so staying indoors and sitting take up much more time than in summer and early fall, and sitting-related ailments, such as back problems, increase.

Traditional sitting is by far the biggest cause of back problems.

A traditional chair will inevitably cause roundness and tightness in the back, which in turn will result in the lack of oxygen and nutrient uptake in the tissues, and delay the removal of waste products. The roundness of the spine also loads the disks much more than sitting upright, and in addition, with a wrong kind of pressure, which, if continued, will lead to deterioration of the discs or prolapsed disk or both.

The most effective preventive measure is to replace the seat with a two-part swinging saddle chair for increased muscle activity, and to use an adjustable table with elbow pads. Choose a chair that is high-quality and well-designed. Poorly designed cheap chairs adversely press the lymph nodes in the inner thighs, lymphatic vessels and blood vessels.

The gap in the middle of the seat prevents the pressure on the genitals, pelvic floor and pubic bone that is harmful to health. It also makes it easy and comfortable to maintain the standing posture also in the pelvis.

It’s smart to have 10-20 minute standing breaks 10-30% of the time, walk twice an hour, keep loose and airy clothes at least on your hips and use high-quality monitors that are on the eye lever (optimum 3 monitors, 30% increase in productivity) to maintain good shoulder and neck posture.

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