How to prevent buffalo neck

Poor sitting, where the weight of the breasts, head, arms and shoulders pulls the shoulders down for many hours a day, is not something that a few minutes of exercise can repair.

The only remedy is to change your sitting posture.

The most effective way to do this is to sit on a swinging, two-part, high-quality saddle chair at a properly adjusted desk and monitors. Also, stop sitting on the couch (you may lay on your side, or sit or lay on the floor), and additional support should be used behind the lower back in public transport to straighten shoulders and neck.

A good way to sit well in, for example, a restaurant, is to sit right on the edge of the chair with your thighs open, which allows you to tilt your pelvis forward, which greatly improves the posture of the back.
The important role of the middle gap in a work chair is to relieve the pelvic floor and genital area from sitting pressure, so that circulation in these important tissues is maintained and the pelvis can be comfortably and healthily turned forward.

When sitting on a two-part, swinging saddle chair, the posture of the entire spine is the same as when standing, the back muscles are strengthened, the bowels and the tissues of the spine get important movement, breathing is deeper, and the circulation into the brain works well in the veins between relaxed neck muscles.

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