How to prevent postnatal depression

The main cause of postnatal depression is most likely the lack of Omega3 fats in the mother’s brain.

When the fetal brain grows strongly during the last weeks of pregnancy, and its fatty structure develops (2/3 of the brain dry matter is omega fat), nature takes Omega3 fats from the mother’s brain if this fat is not available from food. When a mother’s brain has less Omaga3 fat than is necessary, it does not function properly, which typically manifests as distraction, memory loss, irritability, and even depression.

I recommend to the mother throughout pregnancy 3 g of Omega 3 fat as a supplement, in addition to a healthy diet that includes a lot or fish, and another 4 g for 2 months before the due date.

Mothers should continue taking 4 g while breastfeeding, because in the milk omega goes to the growing child’s needs, and it is important to take care of your mind. Only after breastfeeding can you start taking 2-3 grams.

Vitamin B12 as a 1 mg lozenge, and the same amount of folic acid, also safeguard the balance of the mother’s brain, as well as 150 mcg of vitamin D.

A pregnant woman should be aware that the new stage of life requires more than usual of taking care of the mind in a way that is suitable for them, for example, quiet and calming walking in the woods, or handiwork.

After childbirth, loved ones should arrange for the mother at least a couple of hours each day without babysitting requirements, and baby care at night, if she doesn’t get enough sleep; not sleeping enough is a powerful mood depressant.

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