How to prevent prostate cancer

Vitamin D levels must be good, to prevent also this cancer. A level above 120 nmol / l is effective, and is a the natural and good level of protection for a healthy and resistant person.

Sitting on a traditional chair is a major risk factor for the genitals and pelvic organs as it reduces fluid circulation (blood and lymph) and hence the well-being of the organs. Weak fluid circulation removes tissue-acidifying metabolic residues slowly and brigs in slowly, and perhaps insufficiently,the  important oxygen, nutrients, and immune defense cells.

Studies show that, as a result of this, increased sedentary work directly correlates with the incidence of prostate cancer. The mobile hunter-gatherer tribes do not have this problem.

Cancer statistics show that almost half of all cancers in men are located in a small area of ​​the lower pelvis in various organs, which is where the harmful seating pressure is.

An effective way to prevent pressure build-up and prostate disease is to wear loose underpants and trousers and sit on a two-part saddle chair. Wearing no underpants under loose-fitting and thin trousers will further improve the situation.

There is information in the literature that regular sex life would also be a protective factor.

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