Common areas of inflammation include gingivitis and generalized chronic inflammation of the intestine. It causes overweight because of bad bacteria in the gut due to improper eating, exercise habits and lifestyle.

The basic mistake is that we eat only 13 g of fiber per day, whereas a Stone Age man ate 100-150 g. He also walked a lot, did not press or spueeze his stomach with belts, tight clothes, or with poor sitting. All these factors affect the intestinal flow, which in turn has a decisive impact on the amount of inflammation. Slow flow changes the bacterial flora and produces harmful biochemicals on the intestine wall. Drying excrement in the colon and rectum “scrapes” and damages the intestinal wall.

Since we sit for most of our waking hours, sittin at work should take place on a two-part swinging saddle chair; also because of genital and pelvic health. We should definitely wear loose clothing around the hips, and in addition we should walk at least 7,000 steps throughout the day to enhance the intestinal flow.

Inflammations cause oxidation, against which we should eat more anti-inflammatory ingredients, antioxidants in food and as supplements more than we do now. In fact, I eat vegetables (berries, vegetables, fruits, seeds, mushrooms) one kilo a day, which is easy to assemble. It includes two glasses of seed-berry smoothie, a couple of fruits, one pomegranate and avocado, snack carrots / tomatoes, lots of  salad with meals, and mostly vegetarian and fatty sources of protein.

Healthy hard fats include coconut, cocoa, organic butter, and egg fat; unhealthy fats come from processed soft fats in ready meals and fast food. The French have the best heart-health in Europe, and they eat the largest amoung of hard fats. The Swiss are second on the list.

An anti-inflammatory diet is very low in cereal carbohydrates and includes a lot of healthy hard fats as well as the aforementioned vegetables.

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