How to sit safely and without problems

If you sit in a troublesome posture for the usual dozen hours a day and use digital devices, a few minutes of exercise cannot cure or prevent back pains and headaches.

The main cause of problems is that the usual poor posture stretches the ligaments between the vertebrae of the spine over time, and the vertebrae start to degenerate due to the continuous roundness of the back and neck. It is caused by the thighs that are in the front of the body. This tilts the pelvis backwards and the posture becomes round. Muscle tensions follow. On a traditional chair the situation is hopeless.

The solution is a swinging two-part saddle chair that, when properly adjusted in front of a right-height table, provides a good posture and beneficial micro movement to the spinal vertebrae to promote fluid circulation. The indispensable gap in the seat provides space for the pubic bone and genitals. The position is comfortable, and no dangerous pressure occur inside the pelvic bowl. In this way, posture problems can be treated if you start using this kind of chair.

On a conventional chair, sitting on the very front of the chair with your thighs fully apart enables a better posture, because it is slightly easier to tilt your pelvis forward.

The clothing should always be loose on the pelvic area when sitting, for fluid circulation and good posture.

Poor, i.e., normal, sitting produces more than 30 so-called sitting disorders all over the body. Treating them costs hundreds of millions, and reduces the quality of life, health, productivity, and looks, and causes fatigue.

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