Is stretching enough for shoulder wellness?

Rounding of the back, which occurs in a normal or poor sitting position, is the most common cause of lower back pain and shoulder tensions. The whole back is pressed into an arch, which is further bent by the weight of the shoulders, arms and head in front of the body. This results in statically incorrect angles, stress and disc pressures in the joints, as well as degradingly poor macro- and micro-level fluid circulation.

When we sit poorly for 10-16 hours a day, a few minutes of shoulder stretching alone will not solve the problem. The entire posture must be corrected so that the shoulder area is also relaxed.

The most effective way is to sit on an anatomically shaped (thigh fluid circulation!), two-part and swinging saddle chair, which makes it easy to sit in a good standing-like position.

Swinging activates back movements and thus fluid circulation, and the middle gap provides a comfortable place for the pubic bone and genitals so that the pelvis can be in a natural position.

A table / work at the right height, the direction of the gaze forward, and the support of the elbows with pads relax the back and the shoulder area even more.

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