Is this how we work in the future?

No matter where people work, some kind of furniture is a must if you don’t want to walk all day (which is too strenuous) or lie somewhere where the sleep effect deactivates your brain.

Most likely this solution will become more ane more common: the cheapest and healthiest work ergonomics already available, the swinging two-part saddle chair, combined with a table with a recess and elbow pads that automatically adjusts itself depending on what is being done.

Working in a 1-4 person mini-pool is likely to be the future, as partial weightlessness (water up to the chest) makes it easier to stay still, and optimized pool fluid provides opportunities to provide the worker with therapeutic effects with lights and nutrient solutions, and to activate lymphatic circulation.

In fact, I believe that in the future we will have lightweight digital helmets instead of clumsy VR glasses with auto-descending anti-noise headphones, a microphone, and if necessary, a high-quality display that glides in front of the eyes.

The helmet’s operations are controlled by a powerful artificial intelligence processor, for which you can just whisper instructions to connect, retrieve and process information, and otherwise act as a customised super-efficient assistant.

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