Painkillers or prevention of pain?

Pain is such a huge human problem, and very expensive too, that preventing it should be a priority.

Most back pains can be avoided by preventing the lower back from deteriorating. This is easily achieved by sitting upright on a two-part swinging saddle chair that maintains small micro movement in the back and thus increases blood and lymph circulation.
In this position, the strain on the disks is considerably smaller because the facet joints carry much of the weight. By doing so, the knee and hip joints have 135 degree angles, ensuring lower cartilage pressure and better metabolism inside the joints, and preventing the common and painful joint degeneration.

Another preventive measure is related to the development of pain because of inflammation. Most types of inflammation are caused by obesity. Thus, a public health policy that prevents obesity, also effectively prevents pain.Banning sugar in savoury meals, 50 % VAT on fast food, sugar-containing drinks and sweets, and VAT 0 % on all vegetables (seeds, mushrooms, nuts, fruit, berries), strict maximum for sodium (salt), and healthy fiber minimum in ready-made foods would make nutrition much healthier.

Reducing the use of alcohol, banning the sale of energy drinks to people under the age of 18, and the ban on leaving the school premises during the day would make the people lose even more weight.

Nutrition recommendations include too much sugar and other fast carbohydrates that maintain the bacterial strain that promotes inflammation in the intestine.

Pain and inflammation are prevented by increasing the mobility of the people.

The release of medical cannabis (doesn’t include intoxicants) as a supplement would bring to the market an effective, cheap and safe painkiller that also has many other health effects.

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