Serious inflammation of the body can be prevented

There is no whole grain in the Mediterranean diet, just white wheat. Rape and turnip rape oils, and the most widely used palm oil, contain omega-6 linoleic acid, which has been shown to increase inflammation in intestines gut and is therefore also dangerous to brain health. The method of hardening seed oils is also unnatural and suspicious.

Many herbs, medicinal herbs and health-promoting spices are also effective as anti-inflammatory drugs. For example, spruce tips are an actual antioxidant bomb.

Vitamin D (e.g. 150 mcg / day), Zn, Se, Mg, Vitamins E and C, Omega 3 oil tablets, melatonin, resveratrol, carnosine, berberine, ginseng and ashwagandha are also effective antioxidants and anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is worthwhile for someone with inflammation to use anti-inflammatory drugs even more than usual. Processed and ready-to-eat food almost invariably increases inflammation (and overweight), as does poor oral and intestinal care.

For gut health, it would be ideal to eat 50 grams of fiber (10 different varieties) / 1000 kcal. An office worker will not get that without the fiber supplement of seeds, berries or psyllium.

Upright sitting (on a two-part swinging saddle chair) increases body movement and fluid circulation and speeds up intestinal flow, thereby reducing inflammation, while conventional slouched sitting increases it.

The middle gap of the seat also improves the fluid circulation in the genital area in women, and thus the effectiveness of the immune defense, i.e. killing of the bacteria that have penetrated the skin, since the immune cells are more easily located in the bloodstream and the immune circulation is more effective. The bacteria it gathers from the tissues are then killed in the nearest lymph node.

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