The real reasons of depression and the efficient cure

Doctor Larsson, a psychiatrist in Chicago, made observations on the reasons of depression when his student son had suddenly committed suicide. He noticed that many of the boy’s friends were also depressed. Their poor lifestyles (sleeping too little, use of sugar and fast food, poor quality entertainment, study stress, etc.) confused their brain chemistry. According to Larsson, depression can be removed by a profound lifestyle change in seven weeks; he also showed it in his clinical work.

At present, the major risk factor is inflammation caused by general obesity and too high level of body fat, as well as the hormone imbalance often associated with them, where general hypothyroidism almost inevitably produces depression.

When eating poor quality food, the intestine is also in poor condition, nutrients (iron!) are not absorbed, and menstruation also increases iron deficiency and thus depression. Ready-to-eat foods contain high levels of linoleic acid in industrial fats (Omega6 fat we get in excess), which also increases the intestinal inflammation.

Poor eating habits also increases nibbling and therefore gingivitis, the bacteria from which has been found to transport to the brain quickly and endanger mental health.

Another risk factor is a sedentary lifestyle, which is made worse by online addiction. Decreased exercise due to excessive sitting, and especially sitting with poor posture, slow down the flow in the intestines and thus contributes to inflammation. A swinging two-part saddle chair and adjustable table would be the solution here.

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