Two-part saddle chair is an easy way to promote pelvic health

An easy way to promote the health of the genitals, the pelvic floor and the inner pelvic area.

Traditional sitting squeezes the pelvic floor tissues so that fluid flow is blocked and the degeneration of the tissues begins.

A high-quality, well-shaped, two-part saddle chair largely eliminates this disadvantage, together with loose clothing around the pelvis.

The middle gap prevents the typical pressure field, coming from the pelvic opening, that weakens or closes the fluid flow and multiplies the morbidity of the internal organs. This applies to both men and women.

The middle gap also improves the ventilation of the vulva area and thus reduces bacterial growth. Because of the middle gap the transfer of bacteria from the anal area to vulva decreases, thereby reducing the occurrence of bacterial infections in the vulva, vagina and urethra.

Traditional sitting with its disadvantages makes the genital area, the pelvic floor and the inner pelvis a sensitive area, which is clearly visible in the statistics. By the aforementioned means it can be prevented.

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