What is good ergonomics for remote work?

Good posture can be achieved without problems only on a two-part high-quality, and preferably swinging saddle chair.

Lowering the thighs at a 45-degree angle downwards and the space the middle gap provides forthe pelvic floor tissues and genitals make it possible to keep the pelvis in a standing position, which is a prerequisite for good upper body posture.

The good posture can be maintained automatically, and that in turn provides a healthy back, deeper breathing, a better functioning intestine, and most importantly, more oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

Good sitting ergonomics requires a quickly adjustable desk, but a padded recess/elbow support, a docking station, an extra monitor (or at least a laptop stand) and an extra keyboard are not to be missed as cheap but powerful accessories.

Ergonomics also includes clothes, which are of great importance for the super-important fluid circulation, i.e. metabolism. In the pelvic and waist area, completely uncompressing and light clothing would be the most advantageous when it comes to posture and metabolism. Good choices for women are a loose dress or leggings, and for men thin and loose trousers.

Jeans and tights are always bad clothes for sitting. Underwear is also almost always too small, that is to say tight. Because of this they prevent fluid flow or leave marks on the skin. By far the most sensible thing to do would be to wear no underwear at all.

A low-carbohydrate, high-fiber, high-fat diet (berries, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, algae) also increases productivity.

This kind of diet will keep both your blood sugar and work efficiency on a good level.

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