What is the reason for the poor condition of men’s pelvic area?

The biggest threat to the pelvic floor is sitting on a traditional chair.

The sitting bones sink into the chair’s padding, and at the same time the padding pushes the soft tissues (skin, fat, connective tissues, organs) of the pelvic opening up, towards the pelvic bowl, thus causing a pressure field that closes the fluid circulation (artery and venous blood and lymph fluid) throughout the pelvic floor and in the pelvic area. When this happens, the tissues are subjected to nutrient and oxygen deficiency that prevents the metabolism residue from being cleansed.

At the same time, the very sensitive ducts that go through the pelvic floor to the genitals, get clogged as they squeeze between the chair and the pubic bone. The so-called root of the penis (the part behind the penis) flattens heavily against the pubic bone, compromising normal metabolism because we sit for so many hours every day.

The result of all this, besides erection being in danger, is loss of sperm quality, a decrease of testosterone (75% of which is produced in the testis), and poor condition of all organs that are inside the pelvis (prostate, bowel, bladder and urethra).

This phenomenon, together with increasing weight and hours spent sitting, is certainly one factor that reduces sexual activities in relationships all over the world. According to statistics, a large number of illnesses occur in the pelvic area in which the aforementioned phenomenon is involved. Almost 50 % of men’s cancers occur in one of the organs in the pelvic area.

The solution is wearing loose trousers and underpants (preferably no underwear at all), getting up from the chair at least twice per hour, and most importantly sitting on a two-part saddle chair.

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