Why is the quality of sperm getting worse?

A healthy man born in the 1950s had more than 200 million sperm at young age. Today, the average is already less than 40 million.

The number of living sperm diminishes around 1% per year all the time, according to the new book (Count Down) by the top researcher in the field, professor Sanna Swan. The amount of testosterone in men is also decreasing, which can be seen in the behavior and appearance of the male gender in many ways.

According to Swan, the changes are caused by endocrine disruption, which has been known for more than 20 years, caused by chemical molecules, and which also affects women and the entire creation. This is apparently also the main reason for the decline of species. In his super interesting book, Swan also sees hormone disruption as a background factor in the rise of many other diseases.

Reproductive and hormonal health is such a sensitive topic that even most researchers talk about it in whispers, and the media writes very little about it, even though it and its current trend threaten the entire organism.

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