Why loose clothes?

Really healthy clothes do not press at all, anywhere. All the constant compression that leaves marks on the skin closes our delicate microfluidic circulation on a large area of ​​skin, and also under the skin.

Already 1 dl of soft tissue contains 500-700 km of micro vessels. So it is full of vital lanes that have no defense mechanism protecting them against pressing clothes.

Compression marks on the ankles from socks, on waist and thighs from belts and underwear, and traces of bra on the upper body speak of harmful clothing. Normal underpants squeeze the testicles into the body, raising their temperature from a healthy 33 degrees to body temperature. Testosterone and sperm production is disturbed.

The shoes press the feet almost always. They should be slightly (even 1 mm) too big on all sides of the foot.

Long straight pants are always designed for a standing person. Therefore, they press the buttocks, groin, genitals, thighs and waist when sitting on a traditional chair. In this respect too, the two-part saddle chair is better. This will result in less pressure on the pelvic area.

Pressure from clothes causes obvious health damage to tissues and weakens the immune system. Tight clothing also prevents casual and comfortable movement, which makes exercise and sports less comfortable and rewarding. Even tights and other stretchy clothes cause too much pressure on the skin and micro vessels, and cause a variety of damage.

Optimal office wear for men would be a neat overalls without underpants where the top could look like a shirt. These are made only on special order. Women have lots of completely uncompressing dresses to choose from, and wearing it without a bra would be the healthiest option.

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