Why not treat depression efficiently without drugs


Treating depression with drugs is ineffective and causes addiction.

Accoring to a Dutch expert drug treatment only affects every tenth case of severe depression.

The brain biochemistry of the depressed is almost always messy because of poor lifestyles.

Omega3 deficiency and lack of vitamin B cause depression. B3 i.e. niacin is a powerful and risk-free depression treatment when you use a few thousand mg / day.

Poor sleep, unbalanced blood sugar levels, cellphone radiation, intoxicants, excessive stress, and biochemicals and bacteria from inflammation of the gut or gums cause imbalance in the brain and thus depression.

One can get rid of depression by taking care of these. Very effective is also exercising in silent nature, sauna and massage. Effective herbs include at least turmeric and St John’s wort (after 7 weeks of use).

Why take risks with expensive medicines that always have side effects when the problem can be solved naturally and effectively without medication.

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