Why we get so easily exhausted

People are not aware of how much exhaustion is caused not only by mental causes but also by poor fluid circulation in the body and too shallow breathing, i.e. lack of oxygen. As a rule, both are at a low level that increases fatigue when using the normal 90/90 sitting position.

The blood should feed the brain and other tissues with oxygen and nutrients, and the lymphatic system to transport metabolic waste urgently out of the tissues. Both activities usually fail.

The main cause is poor, i.e. round-backed, posture that reduces lung function and causes muscle tension in the upper body. Excessively tight clothing, immobility, and a downward viewing angle (neck and shoulder strain) also exacerbate the problem.

The optimal situation, i.e. good posture and good metabolism, is achieved with really loose and airy clothes, sitting on a two-part, swinging and anatomically correctly shaped saddle chair, and using a table with a recess and elbow pads.

It is advisable to activate the fluid circulation by combining sitting, standing and movement, climbing chairs being the most effective.

About 25% of blood goes to the brain, which is 10 times more than to other tissues. Good posture and position of the head,  and the consequent unimpeded flow to the brain in thick veins between tension-sensitive neck muscles, are absolutely essential for good productivity and energetic brain function.

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