Good nutrition keeps the arteries flexible and the blood running. High hemoglobin, i.e. thick blood, and very high cholesterol levels weaken the circulation into the genitalia. Junk food and processed food are the worst choice.

A diet rich in fiber (more than 100 g/day), cold-pressed Omega-3 oils, vegetables, berries, fruit and whole grain products are beneficial. Natural compounds that support erectile functions can be found in nuts, pollen and seeds. Tomato and cabbages are known to prevent prostate problems. Green tee and pomegranate prevent prostate cancer.

Hormone researchers have found out that chemical residue from the fields (herbicides and pesticides) alone, or in conjunction with compounds of certain plastics (phthalates), may cause hormonal imbalance, in other words disturbed production of testosterone, in males as early as in the fetal stage. This is also found to be one reason behind the reduced quality of sperm and testicular diseases. Food should be stored in glass containers, and food should be organic or “chemically clean”. Also the use of cosmetics during pregnancy increases risks of hormonal disturbances at least in the boy child.

There are several so called super foods, some of which have been proved to increase one’s libido. These are, for example, dark chocolate, goji berries, maca and some other tropical fruit and berries.

Good and healthy food with fiber content higher than 50 g/day, result in better intestine activity which in turn keeps the diameter of the rectum smaller. Enlarged rectum presses the bladder and the prostate increasing known health risks.